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Chris Evans announces Top Gear departure

The host's uphill battle is finally over.

Evans took to Twitter to announce the news, paying his respects to the show's team, which now looks like it's down to five members.

Top Gear host Evans facing 'crisis talks' with BBC entertainment boss

Kate Phillips wants to rein in Evans' allegedly diva-like behavior and force him to release some creative control.

Despite coming from a tabloid like The Sun, the increasing number of reports on Chris Evans behind-the-scenes behavior are starting to carry some weight.

Top Gear has an Extra Gear problem | Episode Review

Extra Gear is still awesome, but we're wondering if that comes at Top Gear's expense.

We've lauded Top Gear's companion show since its debut, but as good as it's been, its latest episode may have taken too much of the main show's goodness.

Matt LeBlanc threatens to quit Top Gear if Chris Evans isn't fired

Drama seems to continue as Top Gear UK host Matt LeBlanc is reportedly so unhappy with Chris Evans that he's given the BBC an ultimatum. It seems the show will only continue with one or the other.

Top Gear's troubles in episode four are out of character

It failed on a more basic level than we've seen all season.

A misleading segment, a rushed, artificial race, and a lack of the show's traditionally beautiful video make Top Gear's fourth episode a disappointment.

Chris Evans's Top Gear role to shrink

Chris Harris and Rory Reid to take more prominent role, will be on every week.

Chris Evans will have a smaller role, while Rory Reid and Chris Harris will get more screen time. Will it be enough to reverse the sinking ship?

Guys, Top Gear is back

​Chris Harris, Rory Reid, and a couple of key guests give us what we’ve been missing.

With two long-awaited hosts to help carry the load and a hilarious guest interview, Top Gear's third episode is far and away its best effort so far.

Top Gear's second episode is better, but more of the same

Issues remain, including the terrible interviews and a lack of driving impressions.

There are strong pieces in the latest episode of Top Gear, but some of the problems that cropped up in episode one are still here in the second outing.

Top Gear premiere draws disappointing ratings as critics pile on

British bookies are already offering odds on Evans firing, show's cancellation.

Former hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond aren't commenting, but James May said he's a "massive fan." Critics and fans haven't been so kind.

Top Gear's first episode was a promising mess

Aside from Evans, most of the problems with episode one seem fixable.

The new Top Gear's first episode looks as good as the old version but its new host, Chris Evans, is obnoxious.

How to watch episode one of the new Top Gear

Plus what you can expect and a recap of behind-the-scenes drama.

It's back! Now make sure you're properly prepared.

New Top Gear will top Clarkson version, says Eddie Jordan

"Of course we want to beat the other guys."

Evans, LeBlanc, Reid, Schmidt, Harris, and Jordan versus Clarkson, Hammond, and May. Fight!

Taping of Top Gear's first new episode didn't go very well

Let's just say that in-studio filming of the first episode of the reborn Top Gear didn't go well.

Top Gear teaser has Matt LeBlanc squeezed into an Ariel Nomad

"A door would have been nice."

The slow trickle of Top Gear previews continues with the new host testing an off-road version of the Ariel Atom.

Top Gear Drama: Evans and LeBlanc relationship 'frosty'

Evans thinks LeBlanc "severely damaged the brand" during controversial war memorial filming.

Anglo-American relations on the Top Gear set have allegedly suffered following Matt LeBlanc's donuts at the London Cenotaph, a World War I memorial.

Netflix will stream new Top Gear, it's just not clear when

Call it the consolation prize to Amazon snagging the old hosts.

Netflix missed out on Top Gear's hosts but it has snagged the rights to stream the new version with Chris Evans. We just don't know exactly when and where.

Matt LeBlanc nearly runs over cameraman during Top Gear shoot

New Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc avoided a serious accident when he almost ran over a cameraman who was laying on the ground filming. The former Friends star was reportedly upset afterward and needed to take a short break from shooting.

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Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc is scared of miniature horses

Top Gear the magazine interviews Top Gear the television show's new American host, Matt LeBlanc.

Top Gear's new teaser shows Evans lose his lunch

Top Gear's new teaser shows highlights from the upcoming season, including Matt LeBlanc in a Reliant Robin and Chris Evans getting sick with Sabine Schmitz. The video is full of glimpses from the upcoming episodes.

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Top Gear flagged for doing doughnuts near UK war memorial

Top Gear is in trouble for doing doughnuts near the UK's war memorial.

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