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Facts on the ground may push NHTSA to toughen CAFE rules

When Transportation Secretary Mary Peters announced the first draft of new fuel economy standards last month, the increases actually appeared to exceed those mandated by recent energy bill. Of course a closer inspection of the rules indicated that they weren't all they

U.S. Transportation Secretary wants to drop gas taxes in favor of tolls

If the goal is to incentivize people to use less petroleum does it really make sense to reduce the cost of that commodity? You have to give the Bush administration credit for consistency, at least, when it comes to wrongheaded thinking. The latest example of dubious policy directions comes from Transportation Secretary Mary Peters who is proposing that taxes on gasoline should be

Reindeer are so last year, Santa gets a hydrogen powered sleigh!

US Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters along with a portly gentleman in a red suit unveiled what is claimed to be the world's first hydrogen powered sleigh yesterday, just in time for Christmas. According to Peters, the sleigh is a hybrid that can operate either under the tractive effort of reindeer or hydrogen fuel cells. They are claiming that the new