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Among the readers of this site, one of the cars that elicits a lot of passion is the Tesla Roadster. The battery-powered Roadster and its provenance have elicited a great deal of discussion over the past nine months, in particular since the demotion and ultimately the departure of co-founder Martin Eberhard. This is a complex tale involving passionate entrepreneurs with that all-too-common but in many ways necessary human frailty known as ego. When humans interact, they often see the same result

Martin Eberhard first conceived of what ultimately became Tesla Motors and the Tesla Roadster when he couldn't get AC Propulsion to build him a TZero. Since he wanted a battery-powered sports car, Eberhard set out to bring together a team that would build his dream car. Of course, it was always his intention to buy the first car for himself, but creating a car company from scratch is not a low budget proposition. Hence Eberhard had to bring in some investors to fund the program. PayPal founder E

Creating big things is generally the province of visionaries. All too often, big visions go hand in hand with big egos. Big egos are generally like electrons. Anyone who has studied sub-atomic particles knows that similarly charged particles repel each other. You can force them into the same space for a period of time but eventually they push each other apart. Such is often the case with startup companies.

Way back in October 2006, while I was doing some research in Hawai'i, it hit me that the islands were the perfect place for a full-in electric car revolution. While the EV market hasn't produced the cars we'd like to see quite yet, it's still painfully obvious to me that powering a state full of electric cars using nothing but wind, wave and solar power seems more likely in Hawai'i than most other places (note that some of the renewable energy sources, like geothermal, are culturally complicated

Deposed Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard only has a few more weeks to wait for delivery of his new Roadster. Series production is scheduled to start on March 17 and first car off the line that day is destined for the Eberhard family garage. In preparation for his new ride, Martin has been making some changes around the house including the installation of a solar array on the roof so that the Roadster doesn't add any load to the grid. The 5.2kW setup has been operating since November and Eber

When Martin Eberhard founded his Tesla Founders blog, he didn't want to be the only one writing about what working on the Tesla Roadster was like. Freed from the daily tasks working on the Roadster, Martin has invited other "post-Tesla people and other interesting people to write guest blogs" on his site. David Vespremi, former director of communications at Tesla Motors, is the first to take up the keyboard.

Over at Martin Eberhard's new soapbox, the TeslaFounders blog, he giveth and taketh away. First with the latter. When we first checked in with Martin a couple of weeks ago, he was writing about what he described as a Stealth Bloodbath. That post has since been redacted although it can be found in that fount of knowledge known as the Google cache. It just goes to show yet again that once something gets out on the world wild web, no matter how many lawyers you sick on it, it's unlikely to ever tru

When Tesla founder Martin Eberhard left the company recently, he announced he would soon be starting a blog where he would talk about what's going on. Well TeslaFounders.com went live earlier this week and if the latest post from Martin is any indication there are some very unhappy people who were formerly employed at the Silicon Valley start-up. At the blog and also over at the TeslaMotorsClub discussion forums there is plenty of discussion and stories from some of the people who have been let

The saga of Martin Eberhard's abrupt departure from Tesla Motors continues to unfold. A story on the Green Wombat blog at Fortune's site has more details on what happened during Eberhard's last few days with the company he helped get off the ground. It appears that a personality conflict between Eberhard and Chairman Elon Musk was at least partly behind the firing.

Late Friday evening, Tesla Motors issued a brief statement that company founder Martin Eberhard was transitioning from his management role as President to the company's advisory board. This announcement came barely a day after the announcement that Ze'ev Drori had been tapped to be the new CEO, taking the reins from interim boss Michael Marks. Drori is now also taking up Eberhard's title as President.

Martin Eberhard's departure from active involvement in the operation of Tesla Motors came via a brief statement from the company late Friday evening after the Wall Street Journal broke the embargo on the story. When Martin was removed as CEO in August to focus on the getting the Roadster into production, he made a statement on the company blog about what was going on.

Tesla Motors has just announced that company co-founder Martin Eberhard has moved over to the company's advisory board. Last August Martin stepped down as CEO to take on the role of President of Technology and oversee getting the company's first product, the Tesla Roadster, into production. The car has been plagued by transmission problems which necessitated a supplier and significant re-engineering of even the replacement transmission design. Late this evening Tesla sent out a note that Martin

We reported the other day on a Wall Street Journal article on Tesla Motors and their Roadster which mainly covers the same ground that we and countless other outlets have discussed for the past year. Here's a little more context about what was said in that interview.