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Remember those Aptera-destroying videos that we thought were maybe filmed on the day the company closed up shop but then turned out to be months old? Here's some more context about them and information about what really happened on Aptera's last day.

2010 Aptera 2e – Click above for high-res image gallery

I'm not sure how much of a plus it is right now to have the word Chrysler on your resumé, but Aptera apparently thinks that former Chrysler (and Saleen) executive Marques McCammon is the right person to help bring the Typ 1 to the world in his new position as Chief Marketing Officer. One of McCammon's first moves (with Aptera CEO Paul Wilbur) was to hire the Los Angeles-based marketing and communications company PCGCampbell to represent Aptera in the PR sphere. PCGCampbell's managing part