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As promised, here are the audio files from Tuesday's TechKnow: Alternative Fuel Cars forum in Ann Arbor. You can read my write up of the event here, but if it's direct-from-the-horse's-mouth information you're looking for, this is the post for you. Each of the individual presentations is between 8 and 12 minutes long, and the two hour-long files are also included for your listening pleasure.

The TechKnow forum on Alternative Fuel Cars in Ann Arbor last night featured some of the green car industry's biggest names and an appreciative audience of about 500 people. Moderated by Jean Jennings, president of Automobile Magazine, the two-hour event featured one hour of formal presentations by five well-spoken presenters and then a free-wheeling Q&A session with the audience. That's where the good stuff happened.

The X Prize group has yet to finalize their rules and prize for the upcoming Auto X Prize event. While we wait (and we are waiting, because there was the suggestion earlier this year that the rules would be out at the end of 2006, but all we know now is that the groups has "made a lot of progress on the rules for the prize as we reach a pivotal stage of our planning process." The rules will now be released in early 2007), the Auto X Prize team sent out an email update about where things stand ea