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Something to think about as cars get crammed with more and more mobile technology.

Something to think about as cars get crammed with more and more mobile technology.


Marketplace technology places merchants' apps on infotainment screen.

Though for starters, the only restaurant reservation you can make is at TGI Fridays.


Whether you're shopping at the grocery story or on a car lot, everything seems to be getting more expensive these days. However, when all the factors are considered, that might be more an issue of perception than of fact. The American Public Media radio show Marketplace recently tackled the question whether modern vehicles were actually more expensive once you factored in important variables like inflation and cost of ownership. The result was pretty surprising.


Farming is one of the most difficult ways to earn a living. You'd think that with all the innovations mankind has developed over the centuries, we could make farmers' lives easier. But as it turns out, sometimes miracles of modern science make things tougher. Literally.

Jean-Marc Gales, who has been running Citroën since leaving Mercedes-Benz in February, is aiming make Citroën Europe's third-largest brand. During a recent interview with an Italian newspaper, Gales stressed the importance of collaborating with other automakers and focusing on product, not just volume. "It's not important for us to produce 6 or 7 million cars to survive... We have another strategy, we believe in alliances, we cooperate with Ford and BMW on engines and gears, the most e

Sometimes I feel like the curtains are parted just a little bit and us mortals are given a glimpse at what makes the world go 'round. Yesterday a moment like that happened for me as I was listening to Marketplace. During a report on the insane profits ExxonMobil reported for the second quarter, reporter John Dimsdale spoke with energy consultant Philip Verleger, who is often quoted in the media on oil and energy issues. Verleger explained what the market (investors, Wall Street, etc.) expects fr

Thursday, former secretary of labor and current NPR Marketplace contributor Robert Reich claimed in an American Prospect Online article that he had been approached by a General Motors' public relations representative with a monetary offering, in exchange for the financial pundit's endorsement of GM's employee buyout plan. Richard Strauss, head of Strauss Radio Strategies (the PR firm in question), denies Reich's claim, referring to it as "an honest misunde