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Here we go again. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) approval of E15 (a fuel consisting of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline) has prompted diverse trade groups – those representing automotive, marine, motorcycle, outdoor power equipment, personal watercraft and snowmobile manufacturers – to fire off a petition calling on the EPA to mandate the continued availability of E10. The groups argue that millions of engines were not developed and are not warranted to run on

Wartsila and MAN Diesel, two world leading European marine engine manufacturers, have agreed to join forces in a research project, called Hercules-B, in order to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The aim of the project is to reach engine efficiency of 60 percent or more for marine diesel engines. Just as a comparison, automotive gasoline engines operate at an efficiency of approximately 20 percent, while automotive diesel engines reach 30 percent or higher.