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Marcelo da Luz and his team, world record holders for the furthest distance traveled in a solar-powered car, have had their share of ups and downs on their journey across North America in the Xof1 (Power of One) solar car. At one point, the car was even mistaken for a flying saucer with little green men aboard. Sadly, after making it all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana, driver Marcelo da Luz was robbed of passports, laptops, credit cards, cash, a digital camera and a portable hard drive.

Way back in 2006, we spoke with Marcelo da Luz about his ambitious project to drive a solar car farther than anyone had ever driven one, about 14,000 kilometers across North America. This past weekend, he reached his goal up in Victoria, British Columbia after cruising over 15,070 km (9,364 miles) on the sun-powered Xof1 (Power of 1). The lightweight vehicle had its share of trouble during the record-setting drive - including being mistaken for a flying saucer with little green men aboard and be

Is it a secret image taken in Area 51 of a spacefaring vehicle? Has the Mothership come for all of us? Or is it just the aerodynamic slipperiness of the Xof1 (Power of 1) solar powered car?

Marcelo da Luz is a kind and unassuming man with huge ambitions. He has his sights set on establishing a world distance record for a solar vehicle. That is why he started the Power of 1 (Xof1) project.