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Ron Bloom's role in the bankruptcy and re-emergence of Chrysler and General Motors has proven that his experience driving negotiations with the United Steelworkers union is portable. Pushing the two automotive giants through restructuring in an impressively quick manner has given the Obama administration the impression that Mr. Bloom (far left) is a good choice to head up a manufacturing overlord position which will focus on building that sector of America's economy back up. An appointment annou

It's not often that a company gets excited about 35,000 workers jumping ship via early retirement packages and buyouts, but when that company is General Motors, the bailage is a very good thing. The news means that General Motors is two years ahead of schedule in terms of shrinking its workforce, way ahead of analysts' expectations. What's more is 12,600 workers from Delphi are taking advantage of an attrition plan offered up by the United Auto Workers and General Motors.