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BMW to increase U.S. sourcing, and possibly manufacturing volume

After the announcement last month that BMW was increasing U.S. production while cutting jobs in Germany, the CFO of the German automaker, Michael Ganal, told WirtschaftsWoche magazine that the automaker intends to make other significant changes as the dollar continues to depreciate against the euro. As of today, the volume of cars produced in B

Australian car makers must shift to greener vehicles - KPMG

Fuel misers like the Civic Hybrid have caught buyers' eyes in Australia.

Toyota looking to build hybrid Camry in Australia

Toyota Australia is looking to expand its hybrid line-up in Australia, which currently just encompasses the Prius and two Lexus hybrids, with a locally manufactured Camry petrol-electric hybrid. Discussions are under way with the Japanese head office to get the go-ahead to start producing hybrid Camrys based on the next-generation update which is scheduled for delivery during 20

Tata Considering Entry into China

India's Tata Motors and Italian auto giant Fiat have agreed to form a joint venture to create and establish a new auto plant in Ranjangaon, India. Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company and is its leader in commercial vehicles and second in passenger vehicles.

Nissan to build fewer Titans

Nissan North America has decided to cut production of the Nissan Titan, which is pushing a 100-day pileup and is down over 20,000 units and 1.7 percent as compared with last year. Nissan says it would like to lessen the supply to 75 days or less.