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Proton, the Malaysian state-owned automaker which also owns Lotus, is currently working on a hybrid vehicle which it hopes to bring to market in two to three years. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has already driven the car, and he's pushing Proton to get it ready as quickly as possible. Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, Managing Director at Proton, says, "It is too early to talk of introducing a hybrid car in the local market. I can only say that we are looking at this possibili

Malaysian automaker Naza – they of the Sutera supermini and rebadged Kias - announced it will soon bring the first Malaysian hybrid vehicle to market, according to The Edge Daily. The company's Ria (rebadged Kia Carnival) and Citra (rebadged Kia Carens) models will get the hybrid feature. But don't look under the hoods for a large battery pack, these hybirds aren't HEVs, but dual-fuel option vehicles. The "hybrid" comes from the ability to use both petrol and natural gas in the vehicle. It

Malaysia is fast becoming the nation to watch when it comes to alternative fuels. After sending a large shipment of biodiesel to Germany and the country's commitment to biodiesel in general, what else can we expect from the South East Asian country? Well, now the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has said the country's automakers needs to build more hybrid cars and other alternative fuel vehicles. The reason, as always, is high gas prices. The Prime Minister said that, "Under the