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General Motors is already having meetings with its dealers regarding all the possibilities for its HUMMER brand. According to reports, there are several companies interested in making a purchase of the military-inspired vehicles, though Tata Motors now appears uninterested despite earlier reports. One suitor is said to be Mahindra & Mahindra, the Indian company that plans on making a big splash entering the American market itself over the next few years. Just-Auto quotes an unnamed official

Got an automotive brand to sell? It doesn't matter how it's performing in the marketplace, whether its products are outdated or just not popular in the present buying climate. If you've got one, an Indian automaker wants to buy it. At least that's the way it seems after learning that two Indian automakers, Tata and Mahindra, have approached General Motors to purchase the HUMMER brand. GM only announced that it would begin considering what to do with HUMMER this week.