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There are apparently still drive-through workers who have not seen the invisible driver drive-thru prank performed by the magician Rahat. In case you also missed it, it's the one where Rahat sits under a seat cover that looks like the standard chair in his Nissan. When he pulls up to the drive-thru window, the employee is left with a bag of food and no one to give it to.


Rahat is a magician and compulsive prankster who appears to specialize in tweaking the incredulity of drive-thru workers. For this trick, members of the audience, Rahat builds a seat cover that looks just like the seat in his Nissan, only he puts this particular cover over himself while he's driving. The result is that the car appears to have jumped the gun on instigating the autonomous revolution.

Zenn Motor Company, the former purveyor of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), and Eestor, the eternal purveyor of promises of a supercapacitor-based energy storage unit, have managed to defy at least one of the predictions hurled their way. The two intertwined companies have survived.

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Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Takashi Yabe has demonstrated a process called the Magnesium Energy Cycle. This cycle calls upon "MAGIC" to perform its power generation... really! The process is called the MAGnesium Injection Cycle, which produces steam, hydrogen and magnesium oxide. The hydrogen is burned to create more steam, adding to the power generation. Lastly, the magnesium oxide is broken down into more magnesium and oxygen, which allows that leftover magnesium to be reused as mo