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MacWorld last reviewed all the available navigation apps for iOS in December of 2009 and since then we've not only seen more apps hit the market (and several die off), but Apple's released a new phone with a new processor and a revised OS that allows some measure of background processes and fast app switching.

While Steve I-forget-his-last name of Apple something-or-other might be getting headlines on other blogs, we have the real star of Macworld SF 2008: The iZap Flying Xebra! As promised, Zap, the electric car company, showed off the "Made for iPod" and "works with iPhone" features coming to its cars. As you can see in our exclusive photos from Macworld of the iZap Flying Xebra, Zap was hard at work in their secret labs. Here are the "future specs" for the iZap Flying Xebra:

Zap will be at Macworld San Francisco (January 15 to 18 at booth #545, 546) showing off their new "made for iPod" electric cars. The docking station for iPods in Zap's electric cars will allow your iPod's music to be pumped through the car's speakers and the iPod battery to be charged with ZAP's Recharge-It-All system. After the preview at Macworld, the iPod docking will begin to appear in Zap's electric cars at the end of 2008 and every Zap car from then on.