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It's no secret that we love ourselves some wagons, and it goes without saying that we like our wagons with more than a little dose of performance baked inside. And so it's with bated breath that we tell you the latest tantalizing tidbit swirling aorund the internet rumormill: BMW may be considering an M3 Sportswagon.

An astute Autoblog reader noticed what may be either a simple typo or a nugget of M-formation regarding the next M3 by BMW. WorldCarFans recently rounded up all the latest and greatest spy shots and provides a rundown of what's known about the next super 3-Series, but says in the last sentence, "It will come in saloon, coupe, cabrio and estate guise." Unless they've altered the European lexicon for auto-related terms, an estate still equals a wagon. If it's true, we say right on as we're still a