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Luxgen launches 7-passenger MPV EV+

Taiwan-based automaker Luxgen has been quite busy as of late. Earlier this year, the company introduced its Luxgen7 MPV, followed by the Luxgen7 SUV just days ago and now the most highly-anticipated model of all, the Luxgen7 MPV EV+, is getting ready to roll into action.

Taiwan's Luxgen unveils high-tech new crossover

2011 Luxgen7 SUV – Click above for high-res image gallery

Luxgen EV+, a 7-passenger electric SUV, displayed in Dubai

Taiwan's first automobile brand, Luxgen, is calling its new Luxgen EV+ the "world's first electric 7-Passenger MPV." While the Tesla Model S is supposed to have seating for seven (counting the two small jump seats), but Luxgen is putting the passengers into minivan-sized comfort. Unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show last month, the Luxgen EV+ is one of the first four vehicles from Luxgen that should be on the market in late 2010. The oth