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When Bob "crock of s*!t" Lutz first announced his retirement from General Motors a little over a year ago, he said he would not be around to see development of the Chevrolet Volt. Of course, he returned to the company before he ever really left (becoming vice chairman last December) and kept on strongly promoting the plug-in hybrid. Sometimes, of course, he continued his habit of saying things that attract a lot of attention, like that hybrids won't ever be that great for GM.

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has been on the pro-hydrogen warpath (and in the news) a lot recently. Not content to be quoted in media outlets around the world, Lutz wrote his own post on the GM FastLane blog yesterday. In it, he kept up the pro-hydrogen fuel cell message, and warned that any publicly-available details about when GM will make fuel cell production vehicles and how much the process will cost are nothing but speculation.