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BMW is working hard to keep up with the high demand for its crossovers. The expansion at the Spartanburg plant should help things by giving a big boost to annual capacity.

Those waiting for a full-out brawl between Tesla Motors head Elon Musk and BMW North America chief Ludwig Willisch will have to wait a bit. For the bloodthirsty, there are signs of some healthy competition and a little bit of green-car sniping between the two automakers.

Nothing boosts the mystique of a new product like a "sold out" sign, and it appears likely that BMW will go that route with its first plug-in sold in the US. The German automaker won't likely import enough of its new i3 plug-in vehicles to meet US demand, Bloomberg News says, citing BMW North America chief Ludwig Willisch. Willisch added that once everything is up and running, the US will be the world's largest market for the i sub-brand of plug-in vehicles, which we know will also include the f

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