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Lithium Technology and Enersys to collaborate on lithium batteries

Lithium Technologies (LTC) and EnerSys have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in which the two companies announce they're joining forces to distribute large lithium-ion batteries. EnerSys will become the distributor of battery packs using LTC's lithium ion cells for diverse applications, thus complementing EnerSys's current lineup of lead acid battery pr

Lithium ion-powered ThunderStruck bike sets new speed record

In mid-February, an electric bike built by ThunderStruck Motors and Lithium Technology Corporation raced a 1/8 mile course in 7.169 seconds, setting a new record of 93 mph in the 96 volt class. The previous record was 78 mph.

Lithium Technology Corporation to Launch Advanced New Product Line

Last year, the Lithium Technology Corporation added their high-density lithium iron phosphate batteries to a Prius to display the batteries' power (supposedly, enough to get 125 mpge). in 2006, the company worked on a