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Different fuels for different countries, huh? Brazil's big into ethanol, America is, too, but there are also pockets of biodiesel. Now, Honda is looking into the possibility of selling liquefied petroleum gas-powered cars in India. It won't be a simple sail, though, as the LPG in India and Japan is different (it's made from propane in Japan and butane in India), according to an article in Financial Express. A company called Kingini International recently sent 400 kg of Indian LPG to Japan for Ho

There aren't many LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) vehicles in the news these days, what with the focus on biofuels and hybrids, but Volkswagen is introducing an LPG version of its Sharan in Europe anyway. Volkswagen says the Sharan LPG will recoup the extra costs incurred at purchase after driving 35,000 km and that the car emits 15 percent less CO2 than the standard gasoline (petrol) version. The car actually can be run as a petrol car, since it is actually a bi-fuel drive system vehicle. The liquid