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NHTSA: Under 18 mph, electric vehicles will need to make "alert sound"

It's been a long time coming – remember the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010? – but the proposed rules for the noises that electric or hybrid vehicles have to make at low speeds ha

DC 2010: Columbia's Crossline low-speed electric vehicle due later this year

Columbia Crossline – Click above for high-res image gallery

Move over, Tata Nano; Tara's electric Tiny is now the world's cheapest car

We told you all about Tata's 1 lakh car (1 lakh=100,000 rupees), the world's cheapest car a month ago, it made a big splash on the world stage. Now, there's news of a car that claims to

Local officials debate allowing NEVs on streets

The Orlando Sentinel reports that administrator John Drury (above photo) is excited that the Tavares City Council is lifting restrictions on NEVs [neighborhood electric vehicles] and even putting in some charging stations. John says, "Wouldn't it be a fine day when people are driving NEVs to the train station, then take a train to downtown Orlando?" Corey Lamb of Lascelles Linton

Piaggio to sell electric vans in Israel ... next month!

Piaggio, the scooter maker best known for making Vespa, will be the first to sell electric vehicles in Isreal, in just one month. According to Ha'aretz, the electric vehicles will be Piaggio's Lascelles Linton