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It's been a while since we've heard an update on the car coming from the joint venture of Renault-Nissan and Indian manufacturer Bajaj, a competitor to the Tata Nano. Carlos Ghosn, Renault-Nissan's CEO, fills us in with a statement that the ULC (Ultra Low Car) project is alive and well. What news do we learn? First, the 2011 release date has been pushed back to 2012. Second, the car is going to cost $3,000 (compared to the Nano's base price of around $2,000) and will still be available in a vers

Hiroshi Shimizu, the Japanese EV specialist behind the spectacular, eight-wheeled Eliica has announced the creation of SIM-Drive. This new manufacturer intends to sell electric vehicles in Japan that cost less than ¥1.5 million (about $16,700 US), opening the door to low-cost electric motoring. As price-conscious readers may suspect, there is one small detail missing: the price of the battery will not be included. Packs will be leased instead.

2010 Chevy Spark - Click for high-res image gallery

2010 Chevy Spark - Click for high-res image gallery

Fiat hasn't ruled out the possibility of launching a new low-cost brand, according to the latest reports. The new brand – which could, like Abarth, revive one of the many dormant auto marques under the Fiat auto umbrella – would target arch-rival Renault's Dacia subsidiary in offering consumers (primarily in developing markets) cost-effective modes of transportation, in line with the Tata Nano. Those in the know will point out that Tata and Fiat have close ties, and the Indian automa

Instead of throwing in a set of steak knives to clinch a big sales deal in Paris, advertising company JCDecaux has thrown in a low-cost bike rental service to seal a bus stop advertising contract. The service will allow people to pick up their ride from one of 1,450 planned bike stations across Paris using a credit card. Planned to be in operation by the end of the year, over 20,000 bikes will be available for residents to use in the city which has recently added bus lanes and widened footpaths