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REPORT: Dodge Circuit production hints, possibly coming in 2010

Dodge Circuit EV concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

New York 2009: Chrysler shows off its battery packs

Lou Rhodes and the Dodge Circuit battery pack

Chrysler turns green with ENVI

Chrysler's efforts to develop more environmentally-friendly vehicles have been distinctly overshadowed by the drama of their divorce from Chrysler and that 800lb green gorilla called Volt. New CEO Bob Nardelli is continuing to shake things up, though. Just a week after hiring Jim Press

Chrysler sees E-Flex attention, decides to get ENVI!

Perhaps growing a little tired of all the media attention being focused on their competitors electrically driven vehicles such as GM's E-Flex and fuel cell work, Chrysler has announced ENVI. ENVI is a new organization within Chrysler that will operate as a sort of skunk-works focused on electrically driven vehicles. The new team is being setup to function semi-ind