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Lotus to euthanize Europa this year

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REPORT: Dodge Circuit DOA? Not according to Chrysler

Dodge Circuit EV concept - Click above for a high-res gallery

Chrysler's first EV will be the Dodge Circuit

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Washington 2009: Riding in the Chrysler EVs [w/VIDEO]

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Detroit 2009: Dodge Circuit EV, now with cross-hairs

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Detroit 2009: Crosshairs on a Europa make a Dodge Circuit EV

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Five concept cars Chrysler could have used for its electric debut

When Chrysler introduced us to its EV line-up the other day some of us were a little taken aback. Although they hadn't explicitly said so prior to the unveiling, the fact that they had shown off two ER-

Breaking: Dodge EV sports car, range-extended Town & Country, Wrangler previewed

CNBC's Phil Lebeau got a sneak peek at the new EVs Chrysler is developing, and it looks like Auburn Hills is pulling a Tesla, among other things. The yellow Dodge EV you see here is basically an electrified Lotus Europa. Presumably equipped with lithium ion battery power, the Dodge EV has a reported operating range of 150 - 200 miles and can be plugged in to household 110 or 220 outlets. Figure a four-hour charge on the latter, and 8 or so on the for

Geneva 2008: Lotus adds Europa SE for 2008

Click above for a gallery of the Lotus Europa SE.

Spy Shots: Lotus "Eagle"

Yes, we know it looks like the Esprit. Please don't bombard us with comments about how it looks like the old Esprit. It really is the new GT from Lotus, known for now as the Eagle. It's wearing Esprit body panels, so yes, we know it looks like the old Esprit. Based on a heavily revised Elise structure and powered by a Toyota V6 plunked down in the middle of the chassis and kicking out 300 hp, the coupe will cost about $100,000 (£48,000). Even though Lotus isn't fond of them, the transmissi