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Last spring Lotus and Siemens VDO announced a plan to collaborate on integrating a variety of technologies from the two companies with the goal of producing a high performance powertrain with reduced CO2 emissions. Since then, Siemens VDO has been subsumed into Continental and the companies have now revealed the results of their work. The partnership took an Opel Astra and through a series of cost-effective technologies achieved a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions. At the same time, torque was incr

Group Lotus is a holding company that includes two major business units, Lotus Cars and and Lotus Engineering. The Cars side builds the famed British sports cars like the late Esprit and the current Elise and Exige. Lotus Engineering has worked with almost every major carmaker on various projects over the last several decades. In the past few years they have made a major push into more environmentally-friendly technologies. Everyone on this site likely knows of their involvement with Tesla Motor