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$90 Million Powerball winner plans to buy a #Subaru Forester. Go ahead, treat yourself to the power windows. http://t.co/G0RjRlgSob


We don't play the lottery very often, but when we do, even a five-dollar win is cause for celebration. So we can't possibly imagine how Paul White from Minnesota is feeling after scoring a third of this week's $448 million Powerball jackpot. It has to be an overwhelming experience, but we think he's going to end up handling it well if his first press conference is any indication.

Dodge Viper assembly line workers in Detroit – Click above for high-res image gallery

Lottery winners can often have subhuman tendencies, so it's only natural that you'd want to hang out with equally awful subset of humanity, racing drivers. The Stig is a perfect representation of those with abnormally high levels of octane in their blood, and his/its services around Silverstone were purchased for £35,000 at a charity auction buy a lottery winner recently in reciept of £5 million. The Stig's passenger got three rain-soaked laps for a price of £11,666 per, and th

Yesterday, while driving to his last day of work at Ford's Hapeville, GA assembly plant where the final Taurus would be built later that afternoon, John McInnis stopped off to fill his tank. He also bought a scratch-off lottery ticket for the hell of it, but when he rubbed off the silver Mr. McInnis won the best retirement gift ever: $225,000 cash money. Being the loyal worker he is, McInnis made it to work and performed his part in building the last Ford Taurus ever to be produced. That's one