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Chrysler's Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Deb Morrissett spoke at the National Biodiesel Board Conference and addressed one of the biggest problems in the industry, a lack of formulation standards. She urged biodiesel producers to focus on defining a standard formula for B20 automotive fuel. In order for carmakers to develop diesel engines capable of running reliably on B20, they need to know how the fuels will perform and react with the engine components. DaimlerChrysler is an industry l

Loren Beard, senior manager of fuels for DaimlerChrysler, said yesterday that diesel and biodiesel will be key to America's energy future and that DaimlerChrysler will keep on expanding its diesel-powered vehicle lineup (currently five diesel vehicles in 2007). DaimlerChrysler will also do more to educate Americans on homegrown biodiesel.