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Lordstown Motors begins taking deposits for Endurance electric pickup

Four in-hub motors, $52,500 before incentives, at least 200 miles of range

GM loans $40 million to Lordstown Motors to buy, retool shuttered factory

Deal includes the option for GM to buy back the facility

General Motors Co confirmed on Monday it agreed to loan $40 million to an electric vehicle start-up to facilitate the acquisition of its shuttered Lordstown Assembly plant in Ohio. Lordstown Motors Corp, which is 10% owned by Workhorse Group Inc , bought the plant and equipment for $20 million in November as part of its ambitious plan to begin building electric pickup trucks by the end of 2020. The loan agreement, which was reported earlier Monday by the Business Journal in Youn

Eight electric pickup truck manufacturers to load up U.S. market by 2021

Analysts predict supply will be vastly bigger than demand

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his spacy Cybertruck have ignited a frenzy over electric pickups, and at least seven other U.S. automakers expect to build new battery-powered trucks by 2021. Companies ranging from General Motors Co to startup Lordstown Motors Corp have said they plan to introduce electric pickups over the next two years, and are scheduled to build up to 250,000 a year by 2024, according to industry analysts. If demand falls that far short of production targets, "there are going to be

New Lordstown plant owner: EV truck workforce likely to be unionized

But the former GM plant will have only about a tenth of its former head count