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London C-Charge on the chopping block?

London's Congestion Charge scheme may soon be coming to an end. Mayor Boris Johnson has already canceled the planned congestion zone expansion into western London and the residents of Manchester recently voted down a similar C-Charge plan by a huge margin. Now, Johnson is saying he has not ru

What will Ken Livingstone's defeat mean for London Congestion charge?

The man who brought the congestion charge to London England has lost his bid for re-election as Mayor of England's capital. Ken Livingstone has always been a controversial figure in British politics but his tenure as mayor of London brought that controversy to new heights. In the course of his eight years at the helm, Livingstone introduced the congestion charge that requires drivers to pay a toll of £8 (about $16) per day to drive into a zone of central London. During the local elections

61% of Londoners support congestion charge, says Mayor Livingstone

By now, you're surely aware of the efforts of London Mayor Ken Livingstone to increase London's congestion charge. You're also likely know about the distaste that Porsche feels regarding these changes. Back in late February, Porsche polled Londoners themselves and fou

Many Volvo trucks will be exempt from LEZ charges in London

Automakers are making all sorts of modifications to existing models to beat the 120 g/km of CO2 limit for free entry into London when the Congestion Charge rules change (e.g., Audi A3, 16 models from Peugeot, and Sebastian Blanco