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Whether working with BMW or the US Department of Energy, Toyota is involved in hydrogen vehicle technology around the world. The newest corner is London, where a deal with the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP) was just announced. Toyota is the only major automaker on the LHP's list of members, but AutoblogGreen readers will likely be familiar with some of the other participants, including Riversimple and Transport for London.

The eighth annual national finals of the Greenpower F24 student electric vehicle competition were held at the Goodwood track in England on October 15. The competition included a six hour endurance for the battery powered racers. The teams had to swap out and charge their batteries during the course of the event. In the past there has been a portable generator provided for onsite charging. During an event earlier in the year at the Dunsfold airfield, the generator broke down, but the London Hydro

The city of London, like all big cities, generates a lot of waste. Finding somewhere to put all that trash has become an increasing problem in recent years as dumps fill up. Trash usually contains a lot of organic material (according to the organic chemistry definition of organic). That means lots of compounds based on carbon-hydrogen molecules. Researchers have been working on ways to extract energy from all that trash and now the London Hydrogen Partnership has put out a new report on some of