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Just days after reporting that London's mayor, Boris Johnson, may seek to slash funding for the city's electric vehicle (EV) program, we stumbled upon this announcement stemming from the mayor's desk: London's city-wide EV charging network, Source London, will launch in Spring 2011 and install 1,300 public-use chargers across the sprawling city by the end of 2013. The Source London network allows EV owners to power up their rides at any one of the city's soon-to-be installed public charging poin

The city of London is moving ahead with both a carrot and stick approach when it comes to encouraging drivers to use more environmentally friendly vehicles. The infamous Congestion Charge clearly falls into the stick category. On the carrot side, the city has been experimenting for some time with public charging stations for electric vehicle operators. Ten new Juice Points have switched on around Westminster. The charging stations are set up in pairs at various locations. The first two trial uni