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Car Hits Hydrant On Lombard Street, Causes Flooding On San Francisco's Crooked Tourist Attraction

Driver swerved to avoid a tourist taking a picture

San Francisco has never been a city associated with white-water rafting before. But such adventures were briefly possible last Friday, when a car ran over a fire hydrant on Lombard Street, the city's famous zig-zagging tourist attraction.

Car crash turns Lombard Street into World's Most Crooked Waterfall

Claimed by some to be the crookedest road in the world, San Francisco's Lombard Street briefly became the crookedest waterfall in the world last Saturday.

133 Smarts pack San Francisco's Lombard Street!

It appears that early American buyers of the Smart ForTwo are trying to make the diminutive Two-Seater into a true cult car and today's event in San Francisco is the latest example of that. Anyone who has ever scene a movie or TV show set in San Francisco has probably caught a glimpse of Lombard street. A particular one block section of the street that goes down a very steep hill is famed for its tight sequence of hair-pin turns. A group of Smart owners gathered for a meetup and photo shoot on L