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This Christmas, Santa's reindeer will deliver presents to Volvo owners in Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of the company's In-Car Delivery pilot program.


"Brown" continues to try to get all the more "green" via propane. UPS, known for its famous brown vehicles, is adding to its fleet of alt-fuel trucks with an additional 1,000 propane-powered delivery trucks that will start going into service in the middle of this year in rural areas in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

If you're tired of homework assignments that start out with a train traveling west at X miles an hour encountering a truck moving northeast at Y, try this one instead: given parts from India, the United States, Mexico, and China, how do you bring a Chevy Volt together in the fastest, most efficient, cost effective way? That's the assignment GM will give to 16 university teams competing to win an award for best supply chain management at the Supply Chain Case Competition coming soon to Wayne Stat

How polluting is a company's supply line? Probably more than you would imagine. Do products arrive in a timely matter (warehouses do need energy)? Could you reuse transport so it would pick up two products from different providers on the same way thus reducing transport costs (and pollution)? How cost- and environmentally-wise is it to use a foreign supplier?