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The Navy is trying to blow up an LCS

Shock trials for a new warship, even a tiny LCS, are no joke.

The US Navy has released images of one of its latest littoral combat ships undergoing the first phase of shock testing.

Navy delays testing of $864M mine-hunting drone program

Drones Have Failed 24 Times Since Sept. 2014

The Navy's latest problem with the littoral combat ship focuses on an unreliable mine-hunting drone system that costs nearly $900 million.

Navy quick to implement lessons learned on first LCS tour

After a troubled first tour of its Freedom-class ship, the Navy's third LCS is using its lead ship's experiences as it sails the waters of SE Asia.

Watch the dramatic launch of the Navy's newest littoral combat ship

The US Navy christened and launched its newest littoral combat ship, the Freedom-class, future USS Detroit. The Detroit won't officially wear the "USS" designation until its commissioning on the Detroit River in 2016.

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What went wrong with the Navy's LCS program?

Alongside the F-35 Lightning II fighter, there's hardly a single military program that has been subject to as much criticism as the US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship. The controversial program has resulted in two classes of small surface combatants (shown above, Freedom-class at left and Independence-class at right) along with millions of dollars in budget overruns and production problems.