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Tesla's plan to produce its own lithium won't be easy

Nor 'sustainable' as Elon Musk claims, in terms of water use in Nevada desert

Coronavirus slows U.S. push to produce lithium for electric cars

'The economic fallout from the outbreak will stunt the development of new projects'

As the pandemic has killed nearly 20,000 across the globe, U.S. junior miners have slowed engineering work, environmental reviews and loan applications. "We can just hit pause," said Keith Phillips, chief executive of North Carolina's Piedmont Lithium Ltd. Piedmont, Lithium Americas Corp and ioneer Ltd, both of which have Nevada projects, have said they now face engineering or regulatory setbacks that could push back mine construction.

VW, Daimler push for more 'sustainable' lithium in Chile

Dry, fragile ecosystem home to world's top two producers

German automakers Volkswagen and Daimler have launched a study to push for more "sustainable" lithium mining in Chile, according to lobbyist filings reviewed by Reuters, a sign of growing supply chain concerns ahead of an expected electric vehicle boom. Chile's Atacama salt flat is by far the biggest source of supply of the ultralight battery metal in South America's so-called "lithium triangle." The region, whose fragile ecosystem relies on a limited water supply, is hom

In Chilean desert, global thirst for lithium fuels a water war

Third of the world's supply of lithium is in a salt-flats aquifer there

Third of the world's supply of lithium is in a salt-flats aquifer there

Britain looks to its centuries-old mines for EV future

Part of a global resurgence in mining to find metals for batteries

Britain is returning to ancient mines on its southwestern tip to secure a slice of the global electric car revolution. The English county of Cornwall and the surrounding area boast one of the world's largest tin deposits.

ReVolt plans retro electric motorcycle based on WWII-era BMW

ReVolt will use the Chinese replica of the BMW R71 sidecar bike

Lithium battery technology company Alternet Systems announced Tuesday the formation of a new company that will build an electric motorcycle based on the classic 1938 BMW R71 motorcycle with sidecar used by German troops during World War II and by Steve McQueen to outrun them in the 1963 film "The Great Escape."

Child cobalt miners: Automakers pledge ethical minerals sourcing for EVs

'Drive Sustainability' alliance to invest in ethical mining of cobalt, graphite and lithium.

Partners include BMW, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford, Honda and Toyota.

Lithium processors risk shortfall as EV batteries quadruple demand

Although lithium is plentiful, the problem is ensuring there is enough capacity to process it.

Tesla talking to LG Chem, other suppliers, for more batteries

Tesla might be interested in more battery suppliers as it gets ready for production of the Model 3.

Tesla is reportedly in talks to widen its supply chain for lithium-ion batteries. Those 500,000 EVs won't build themselves in 2018.

Tesla looking for new lithium suppliers for Model 3, Gigafactory

Tesla's supply costs could surge as lithium demand doubles by 2020.

Tesla Motors may be enlisting more firms to complement Panasonic's efforts to meet lithium-ion battery demand.

What's going on with Tesla's new lithium supply deal? [UPDATE]

Deposits May Be Key To Cutting Li-Ion Battery Costs At Gigafactory

Tesla may or may not have reached an agreement for lithium procurement from northern Mexico.

Tesla gigafactory will source materials from North America to keep things green

It's one thing for the Big 3 to get tires and engine parts from cities along the US Rust Belt. It's another thing altogether, though, for Tesla Motors to source far more esoteric materials like graphite, cobalt and lithium from Canada and the northern US. But that's what the California-based company has in mind, and it's all in the name of environmental friendliness and cost, Bloomberg News says.

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Sakti3's 'disruptive' solid state lithium battery tech inches closer

It's been quite a while since we've heard anything from Sakti3, the Ann Arbor-based battery company that has been working on next-generation solid state lithium batteries for many years. Heck, even the company's websi

EVTV offers deal of the decade on used Better Place battery packs

While the dark cloud that was the Better Place bankruptcy may have had a silver lining for some in Israel, in the US that cumulonimbus is wrapped with lithium. Or, more precisely, lithium

Waste rice husks could find a home in next-gen lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have two big hurdles to climb if they're going to power millions of plug-in vehicles – they're too expensive and their reliability has been called to question. For next-gen li-ion batteries to make it, there had better be a cheap and plentiful component. How about ric

Wyoming lithium deposits much bigger than originally expected

If the US would like to stop importing 80 percent of its lithium, mainly from China, and if Bolivian sources don't come through, it looks like there is a big domestic opportunity: Wyoming. Having an ample domestic supply would bring down the price of Jon LeSage

Global lithium-ion battery sales will jump sixfold by 2019

Add UK-based Frost & Sullivan as the latest research firm to forecast a big jump in lithium-ion battery sales, implying that a jump in plug-in vehicle sales is in the making.

Lithium from salt water could make batteries, and EVs, less expensive *UPDATE

Until another element is preferred or discovered, lithium will be the foundation for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries for the foreseeable future. It is an expensive part of the battery packs being installed and is keeping sticker prices fairly high. The price of lithium, the lightest metal, has jumped 35 perc

Bosch, Samsung dissolving SB LiMotive battery partnership

After four years of partnering with Samsung SDI on lithium-ion battery production, Bosch apparently wants to go it alone.

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