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New lithium ion process could lead to fast charging, still needs BIG pipe!

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been looking at where the bottlenecks are inside lithium ion batteries that limit charging and discharging rates learned some interesting things. Lithium iron phosphate chemistry is particularly promising in terms of high charge and discharge rates. They found that some new processes for manufacturing the lithium phosphate coating on lithium iron phosphate crystals could provide for better access to the lithium ions allowing them to m

Chery unveils the S18, its first electric car

China's largest independent automaker, Chery, has "unveiled" their first electric car. Called the S18, the small 4 door appears to be the a battery-operated version of the S18/QQ2 first shown to the world at last year's Beijing Auto Show. The in-house design features lithiu

Pihsiang successfully creates electric car drivetrain

We weren't familiar with the Pihsiang Machinery Manufacturing Co. until finding this story, but it appears that the Taiwanese company is very big into lithium iron phosphate batteries. They seem to show up most often in medical products such as electric wheelchairs, but that looks to change as the company branches out into electric cars and bikes. In fact, three new electric vehicles have been produced by Pihsiang and have attracted interest from various Eur