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Study: The future of electric vehicles could ride on lithium-air batteries

Judging by the table shown above, lithium-air (Li/O2) batteries appear to be quite remarkable, on paper at least. But what can we really expect from this new advanced battery technology? Well Argonne National Laboratory has started researching and testing lithium-air batteries in earnest and presents a strong case that the future of electric vehicles may very well ride on this technology. If initial research turns out to be accurate, lithium-air batteries could hold up to ten times more energy t

Hitachi develops new manganese cathode, could double life of li-ion batteries

Battery breakthroughs seem to pop up almost every day. There's always a new idea, different material or unique design that makes the battery better. Some manufacturers make outlandish claims that can't be true while other companies string us out for years awaiting amazing products

Panasonic delivers first 3.1Ah lithium ion cells to Tesla

Tesla Motors has never officially announced who supplies the lithium ion cells used in the Roadster's battery pack, but it does have an agreement with Panasonic to supply cells for the Model S. Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel was in Japan this week and received the first batch of new lithium ion cells from Panasonic Energy Company President Naoto Noguchi.

Breaking: Denise Gray leaving General Motors for battery startup

Since late 2006, Denise Gray has been the director of global battery systems engineering at General Motors and one of the key people working to bring the Chevrolet Volt to fruition. Gray has overseen all of the testing and development of batteries going into plug and non-plug versions of GM hybrids and extended-range electric vehicles. Gray has also worked with battery suppliers to evaluate new cell

DC 2010: NAS' li-ion battery cost predictions are too high, battery makers say

During one of the sessions at the Electric Drive Transportation Association meeting here alongside the Washington Auto Show, our friend Felix Kramer from CalCars got an answer to a question that's been on his mind for a while: just how much wil

Michigan-based Sakti3 readying advanced batteries for cars

Michigan is quickly becoming a center of lithium ion battery manufacturing in the United States. Funny thing is, almost none of the companies setting up factories in the state are based there. Sakti3 Inc. wants a piece of that battery pie and it was formed right here in Ann Arbor. Sakti3 is the brainchild of Professor Ann Marie Sastry of the University of Michigan. Sastry's research at the university focuses on t

Got cells? Battery supplier CEO warns of limited battery supply for electric vehicles

Over the last decade, billions of consumer electronics devices have been built and powered by lithium ion batteries and cars appear to be the next big li-ion applications. Even with all the lithium ion battery production that exists today however, capacity remains nowhere near where it needs to be to power all the plug-ins that are coming. Just think of the Tesla Roadster, which relies on standard 18650 cells like those used in laptop computers. A laptop typically uses six to nine of these cells

Report: Ford going with LG Chem for lithium ion cells?

A report out of South Korea today is claiming that Ford has signed an exclusive deal with LG Chem to supply lithium ion cells for its future plug-in vehicles. Until now, Ford has worked primarily with Johnson Controls-Saft for its cell supply and the Escape plug-in hybrid test fleet uses batteries from that supplier. In 2009, Ford announced that JCS would be the supplier of batteries for the Transit Connect BEV and the upcoming 2012 plug-in hybri

Daimler and Evonik invest €200M more for ten-fold li-ion cell production boost by 2013

Mercedes-Benz concept BlueZero - Click above for high-res image gallery

Panasonic starts production of more powerful lithium ion cells

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Denso wants to standardize hybrid components, make batteries

Japanese automotive supplier Denso wants to expands its business of selling components and systems for hybrid and electric powertrains and sees standardization as a way to get there. Toyota is Denso's largest single largest shareholder with 23 percent of the suppliers stock. Denso has been supplying parts like inverters, sensors and electronic control units for many years.

LG Chem to Build $300-Million Advanced EV Battery Plant in Michigan

A new report is indicating that LG Chem is moving forward with plans to be build a $300 million advanced battery plant in southwest Michigan in the near future. The plant will be used to build lithium ion cells for automotive applications. Although LG Chem has yet to publicly announce anything, the plant is expected to supply cells for use in the Chevrolet Volt as well as the other upcoming plug-in hybrid from GM. This summer, GM Sam Abuelsamid

Magnetti Marelli signs deal for development and production of batteries

Magneti Marelli has just signed a deal with Italian battery maker FAAM SpA to cooperate on development and production of lithium ion batteries. Marelli is a parts-making subsidiary of Fiat and the batteries are being developed for use in transportation applications. In addition to its Italian plant, FAAM also has factories in China and Uruguay.

Chevy Volt battery plant location to be announced this week

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Nissan to spend $1 billion on U.S. battery plant, 4 more plants in Europe

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