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When it comes to using hydrogen as a fuel, one of the big issues is on-board storage. Most companies working on hydrogen application for cars are using compressed hydrogen gas because they don't have to deal with the issue of keeping the gas at cold temperatures to prevent boil-off. Liquid hydrogen has three time the density of compressed gas, but it must be kept below -252C. Until now, the insulated liquid hydrogen tanks have not been designed to contain the pressure of compressed gas and have

Earlier Jeremy wrote a post referencing a Detroit News article about a panel discussion on Policies and Issues Affecting Consumer Choices of Vehicles and Fuels at the SAE World Congress in Detroit. I attended that discussion along with several others and wanted to share my own thoughts on it. One consistent theme amongst most of the car-maker representatives on the various panels was that there is no silver bullet that will solve the problems we face. Our future will include a diverse array of