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BeeZero to launch in Munich with 50 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicles.

Linde launches BeeZero carsharing program in Munich with Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cells fleet.


If California is going to sink millions upon millions to expand its hydrogen-refueling infrastructure, shouldn't at least some of that infrastructure be operated by a company that actually produces hydrogen fuel? Why, yes, and that's the case with Linde North America. The company has announced it will build two publicly-accessible hydrogen stations in Northern California, courtesy of a $4.3 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC).


Cross Toyota with a former General Motors and Hyundai executive and you might just get some real momentum when it comes to hydrogen refueling station deployment. Toyota and FirstElement Fuel Inc., which is headed by ex-GM and Hyundai executive Joel Ewanick, are working together on a project designed to complement California's agreement to spend about $200 million building 100 stations in the state.


OK, this time they're really doing it. Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler is leading a collaboration between a half-dozen companies - including Air Liquide, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total - that will rapidly expand Germany's publicly accessible hydrogen refueling network in order to better spur the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle market.


When a Chevrolet Volt undergoing crash testing caught fire in a delayed fashion last year, the airwaves filled up with (incorrect) reports of how dangerous battery-powered vehicles are. Now, fears of a "catastrophic" explosion involving another gasoline alternative, hydrogen, are putting plans for a new, $3-million refueling station project at San Francisco airport on hold.


That the German automakers are not at the forefront of plug-in vehicle technology should not be a surprise to anyone. This doesn't mean that they're not participating with plug-ins – they are – just that they are more interested in alternative fuels like wasserstoff (hydrogen).

Karabag has been selling conversions of a few Fiat models for a while now, but a new configuration of the 500, along with a low lease price, could see them moving more out the door. The new Karabag 500e makes use of the same electric drivetrain components that German forklift maker Linde Materials Handling employs to move about its precision workhorses.

Daimler has unveiled an ambitious scheme that should put Germany in the driver's seat for hydrogen fueling stations. A recent report in Scientific American says a joint effort by automaker Daimler and technology firm The Linde Group aims to install an additional 20 public-use hydrogen stations across the nation.

The first publicly-accessible hydrogen filling station in the German state of Baden-Württemberg opened this week at Stuttgart Airport. The station is being operated by OMV and was built in cooperation with Daimler and chemical supplier Linde. The new station utilizes Linde's ion-compressor technology and supports both 350 BAR and 700 BAR filling. Aside from Honda's FCX Clarity, which stores hydrogen at 350 BAR, most other automakers have moved to 700 BAR storage which allows for a greater r

As the National Hydrogen Road Tour rolled through Rolla, Missouri, the first hydrogen filling station in the state was opened. The station - located at the Missouri University of Science and Technology's E3 (E-cubed) Commons - will be supplied with compressed gaseous hydrogen by Linde North America. The University is working with several government agencies and the Gas Technology Institute to research hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Linde also supplies liquid hydrogen for the fleet of BMW

European commercial gas supplier Linde will conduct hydrogen fueling demonstrations at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The company will have their traiLH2TM mobile hydrogen fueling station situated outside the show hall. On September 11, they will do two demonstrations, one using compressed hydrogen gas for a Mercedes Benz F-Cell and another with liquid hydrogen for a BMW Hydrogen 7. On the 12th, they will do another compressed gas filling demo with the Mercedes.

Wolfgang Reitzle, chief executive officer of Linde, told a group of automotive engineers at a conference in Germany that he believes there will be at least 6 million hydrogen-powered cars in Europe by 2020. Right now he estimates there are roughly 500 hydrogen vehicles on the world's roads, yet remember the refueling infrastructure is currently minimal. Still, he's confident in his prediction and says, "this is a conservative estimate."