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Second Drive
2018 Lincoln Navigator Review | 900 miles in mid-century opulence

As mobile office or living room, the Black Label is a long-haul specialist

As mobile office or mobile living room, the Black Label is a long-haul specialist.

How Lincoln could make itself special again

Ford's luxury division should start a service business and turn its brand identity into an exclusive club.

Lincoln already offers luxury service unrelated to its cars. It should do more of that.

The Lincoln Way seeks to woo customers with unique services

It's more than just free coffee and bagels.

The Lincoln Way, a new customer car program, seeks to set the brand apart from other automakers by offering a suite of customer-care oriented services.

Weekly Recap: Racing legend Jim Hall explains Chevy's futuristic Chaparral concept

Plus: Vettel Set To Join Ferrari, Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Launches In 2016 And Lincoln Adds Black Label Line

"I said our cars are built to be winners." – Jim Hall