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Ford is calling the luxury touches build into their new Lincoln MKR concept vehicle "guilt free" thanks to a few environmentally friendly processes used to make the deluxe interior. But can some soy seats really make driving a luxury vehicle green? I guess we won't know unless these features reach production in an upscale car and we can figure out what sort of MPG rating they're riding around in.

Ford is showing off at least two major high-powered concept cars at next weeks Detroit Auto Show, both based on stretched versions the Ford Mustang platform. The Ford Interceptor and Lincoln MKR both have engines with 400+hp engines, a 5.0L twin-cam V-8 in the Interceptor and a twin-turbo 3.5L V-6 in the MKR. The reason these two cars are here on this page is because both are flex-fuel capable, being able to run on any mix of gas or ethanol up to E85. Green machines, no?