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After winning Automotive X-Prize, Edison2 hints at next-gen projects

Edison2's Very Light Car – Click above for high-res image gallery

Automakers will need to focus on "lightweighting" to boost efficiency

Lamborghini's Advanced Composite Research Center – Click above for high-res image gallery

Applying Lotus' Lightweight Lessons

As if the agile, featherweight sports cars engineered by Lotus weren't feathery enough, the British car builder has undertaken a research project to forecast how advanced technologies in weight reduction can benefit drivers in the coming decade.

Design students imagine lightweight, aerodynamic wheels... of steel?

As car makers strive to meet increased CAFE standards, a lot of cars will be getting both lighter and more aerodynamic. While aluminum and carbon fiber grab a lot of the lightweight headlines, there's no getting around the fact that cars are going to be made out of steel for a long time to come. So it's no surprise that the steel industry is out to prove that it, too, can be a source

Europe's 15 lightest cars

One of the keys to saving fuel is being light. However, the latest technologies in safety and the array of power accessories we all have in our cars all add weight to our cars, hurting fuel economy while they make driving more comfortable and save lives. Of course, technology has helped us recover some fuel economy, but nothing beats a low scale presence to help make your car a fuel sipper. When you click after the jump, we'll show you a list of Europe's 15 lightest cars. They're all under the 1