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This backpack turns into an Electric skateboard in seconds. Equipped with front and back lights, brakes and two electric motors. You can learn more at movpak.com Transcript: This backpack turns into an electric skateboard in seconds. The electric skateboard Is equipped with front and back lights, brakes, and two electric motors. The board can go up to 15 mph, which is controlled by a remote. A full charge only takes 2 hours with 6 miles of range. Siri and Google integration can be used to get d

If you’ve ever driven a car in a city, you know the frustration of sitting at a red light for what feels like forever.

Fog and driving lights are types of auxiliary lighting.

Most, but not all, vehicles today come equipped with fog lights.

Almost all vehicles are equipped with courtesy lights.

A courtesy light switch is what signals the courtesy light, located in the passenger compartment, to come on and provide the light necessary to see what you’re doing, especially on a dark night.

Undercar lighting can make any car look cool.

Have you ever been to a car show and seen those colored lights beneath the car? These neon lights can be used to give your car a unique aura as you drive through the night.

The license plate lamps are designed to illuminate the plate and registration tags on your vehicle and make it easily visible to law enforcement.

When you’re pounding through backcountry trails after the sun goes down, you need more than just your headlights to illuminate the road ahead of you.

For most drivers, staying safe while on the road is a top concern and something that they take very seriously.

Your car is equipped with a parking brake that helps prevent the car from rolling when parked on a slope.

Your car is equipped with a wide range of lights, from the headlights to the taillights to the interior lights that help you see when getting in or out of the vehicle in the dark.

Making sure that your car is safe and road ready should be one of the top concerns that you have.

The dome light bulb is located on the ceiling of your vehicle and is also called the courtesy light.

The courtesy light bulb is also called a dome light and is located on the ceiling in your vehicle.

The console light bulb is located in the center console of your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s backup lights serve a couple of very important purposes.

When LED light bulbs were invented, it was assumed they would replace all standard filament bulbs rather quickly.

One of the most annoying situations is being pulled over by a police officer due to a burnt out tail light.

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