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Lightning Bolt Strikes Truck, Traps Couple Inside

Canadian couple saved by quick-thinking police officer

A couple in Canada survived lighting striking their truck thanks to a quick thinking police officer who happened to be passing by.

Watch lightning strike a hapless Toyota Landcruiser

When we thought we'd make it to the end of the month before we saw another video from the roads of Russia, we were wrong. Just after the video of the truck driver dismounting from the windshield of his cab, we have of a bolt of lightning saying hello to a Toyota Landcruiser.

1 dead, 9 injured at Pocono Raceway as storms shorten NASCAR race

Severe thunderstorms devastated fans hanging around trying to enjoy the post-race atmosphere at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania over the weekend. The NASCAR Pocono 400 Sprint Cup race itself had been halted 98 laps into the 160-lap event because of rain, and track officials twice warned spectators that severe thunderstorms were on the way and to find shelter.

Translogic visits Europe, first to drive the Lightning GT

The Lightning GT all-electric supercar has been inching its way towards production for years now. The last time we talked about itwas November 2010, but it's back thanks to Translogic.

In Detail: Lightning GT Electric Supercar

In this week's episode we got a chance to spend some time with a particularly interesting EV sports car. It's called the Lightning GT and it comes from a startup across the pond called Lightning Car Company. As the name would suggest, this EV supercar puts up some seriously electric numbers.

eBay Find of the Day: Timewarp 1993 Ford F-150 Lightning

Long before Ford turned its attention to building one of the most capable production off-road trucks in all the land, the company's SVT engineers spent their time trying to wring the most straight-line speed possible from an F-150. The result was the first-generation Ford F-150 Lightning – a vehicle that still manages to pull at our heart strings eighteen years after it debuted. If you're still sore you never got the chance to own a brand-new F-150 Lightning, eBay Motors has something spec

Lightning Motorcycles hits 166 miles per hour at Bonneville

Lightning Motorcycles at Bonneville - Click above for high-res image gallery

VIDEO: Lightning Hybrids' LH4 hits the road

Lightning Hybrids LH4 - Click above to watch the video after the break

Lightning Car Company plans three more electric cars

Lightning Car Company GT - Click above for high-res image gallery

Rocky Mountain "Hi": Lightning Hybrids to debut prototype at Denver Auto Show

Click above for a high-res image gallery of Lightning Hybrids LH4 renderings

Riders on the Storm: Does car exhaust contribute to lightning strikes?

You can add another life-killing phenomenon to the list of deadly byproducts attributable to cars: increased lightning strikes. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that in the southeastern U.S. from 1998-2008, there was 25% more lightning during the work week than on the weekend.

AutoblogGreen for 7.22.08

It was a big day for MINI news as ABG published a full review of the diesel powered MINI Cooper D that got 47 mpg, and MINI USA VP Jim McDowell told us that the recently announced electric MINI will arrive in the US next summer. We may even get the diesel MINI here in the US. Over in the UK Lightning Car Company took the wraps off its new electric sports car.

Lightning GT EV sports car coming this month

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lightning GT.

Behold the Lightning GT. And it was good.

Click image for a hi-res gallery of the Lightning GT

In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson

Click on the photo above for our photo gallery of the 2007 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson

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