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Translogic visits Europe, first to drive the Lightning GT

The Lightning GT all-electric supercar has been inching its way towards production for years now. The last time we talked about itwas November 2010, but it's back thanks to Translogic.

In Detail: Lightning GT Electric Supercar

In this week's episode we got a chance to spend some time with a particularly interesting EV sports car. It's called the Lightning GT and it comes from a startup across the pond called Lightning Car Company. As the name would suggest, this EV supercar puts up some seriously electric numbers.

Lightning Car Company plans three more electric cars

Lightning Car Company GT - Click above for high-res image gallery

London 2008: Lightning GT EV in the flesh

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Lightning GT EV sports car coming this month

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Lightning GT all-electric sports car revealed

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More details on the Lightning GT, Not here and not cheap!

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