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Brake lights are one of many important safety features we take for granted on our vehicles.

When brake light bulbs burn out, it is seriously inconvenient.

This step-by-step guide will outline how to change the light bulb (or bulbs) in your vehicle’s trunk or cargo area when your current bulb has failed.

The license plate lights on a vehicle are for just that, they light up the area on the back of the vehicle so that people can see the license plate.

In order to help the driver maintain their vehicle, manufacturers have been using computers and sensors to monitor just about everything in a car.

It can be annoying as well as unsafe when it’s dark and you can’t see what gear you just shifted into.

When your vehicle's tail lights burn out, it is time for them to be replaced.

Replacing a headlight bulb on a Toyota Prius is a relatively simple procedure that can be done with very few tools, saving you time and money.

Almost all vehicles are equipped with courtesy lights.

Fixing a burned-out turn signal bulb is a safety concern as well as a monetary one.

The license plate lamps are designed to illuminate the plate and registration tags on your vehicle and make it easily visible to law enforcement.

The fog light bulbs are the bulbs that are located underneath the headlights, and provide the illumination for the fog lights.

All vehicles are required by law to have operating tail and brake lights.

Fog lights are a wonderful thing and are often underestimated.

The courtesy light bulb switch controls the courtesy light.

The courtesy light bulb is also called a dome light and is located on the ceiling in your vehicle.

The console light bulb is located in the center console of your vehicle.

One of the most annoying situations is being pulled over by a police officer due to a burnt out tail light.

All vehicles are equipped with reverse light bulbs, also called backup light bulbs.

According to the vehicle code in all US States, having the rear license plate efficiently illuminated at night is a requirement.