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South Korea. Michigan. Japan. And Russia?

While we have a pretty impressive electric bus here in America, an announcement that a Chinese joint venture will begin building buses with a 300 km (186 miles) range certainly got our attention. The FAW Bus and Coach Company has teamed up with battery maker Tongkun New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd and plan to have their people-carriers on the roads around two different cities in Jilin province by June. They already have 70 on the order book and if they can deliver the range performance promised

China's largest independent automaker, Chery, has "unveiled" their first electric car. Called the S18, the small 4 door appears to be the a battery-operated version of the S18/QQ2 first shown to the world at last year's Beijing Auto Show. The in-house design features lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with enough range to roll up to 150 km (93 miles), while its 336 volt system can allow the 40 kW (53.64 hp) motor to take it up to the dizzying speed of 120 kph (75 mph). Plugged into a 220

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Many of you out there are pretty knowledgeable about the batteries used in today's hybrids and electric cars. I am not. Sure, I've read thousands, nay, million of words about them. I can even recognize the scientific names of the more common chemistries such as LiFePO4 which stands for lithium, iron and potatoes. Ok, so I don't quite have the chemistry thing quite nailed down. Luckily for me, and people like me, there are articles being written that not only help us understand how these things w

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