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We've been keeping pretty close tabs on the Hyundai Avante / Elantra LPI mild electric hybrid. Just when we thought there couldn't possibly any new details to add about the propane burner, out pops a press release from the Korean manufacturer announcing that the LG Chem-supplied battery underpinning the hybrid component of the car will actually be lithium polymer (li-poly) as opposed to the lithium ion type that had been previously publicized. Now you may be thinking to yourself, understandably,

Solar power has the highest power density among all renewable energies, so we should certainly be devoting a great deal of research into how best to capture and use that power. Being that solar electric power cells generally deliver their power in the form of DC current, as opposed to AC current like would be used in a home, it makes sense to pair solar power with batteries and battery powered devices. One problem with this strategy is that electronics tend to be small, and get smaller with each