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After supplying batteries for the record-breaking Mira EV (pictured), Sanyo had little choice but to follow it up with something big. So that's just what they did. This time around, the project is more about future plans than 300-plus mile journeys, but the goal is still quite monumental. Sanyo will invest $2.1 billion to ramp up li-ion production for hybrid and electric vehicles in anticipation of reaching mass production levels by 2012.

You've most likely heard about the millions of laptop batteries that Dell needs to recall. Today I heard that this recall might affect the development of hybrid cars. Here's why, according to Michigan Radio. The recalled batteries are lithium-ion batteries and are being recalled because there's a chance they'll catch fire. This is bad enough in a computer, and worse in a vehicle. Since the next generation hybrids will likely use lithium-ion batteries, these batteries need to be safe. A battery t