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SB LiMotive, the company recently chosen to replace A123 Systems as the sole supplier for lithium-ion batteries for the electric Fiat 500, has announced plans to produce lithium-ion cells in massive quantities by the middle of this decade. Providing li-ion power for 180,000 electric vehicles annually by 2015 – SB LiMotive's announced target – will require increased production capacity, as well as a significant investment from joint venture partners Bosch and Samsung SDI.

Mitsubishi Chemical has responded to the expected rise in demand for hybrid and electric vehicles by announcing its intentions to boost supply of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries by 130 percent by next May. The company's current anode material output, listed at 3,000 tons, should reach 5,000 tons by the end of December and 7,000 tons in eight month's time.

EnerDel Inc. announced plans to open li-ion battery plants in both China and Europe in an effort to triple its battery production by the end of 2011 and meet the expected demand of new partnerships. Though the company currently holds deals with just two automakers (Think and Volvo), it plans to announce two additional customers by the end of the year, one hailing from Europe and the other from Asia.